In September of 1977, the Chief officers of various Fire Departments in Franklin County formed the Franklin County Fire Chiefs’ Association (FCFCA). Their purpose was to better serve Franklin County residents through the expansion and enhancement of public education in fire prevention and safety, the strengthening of firefighting training programs and the establishment of common standards and techniques. In addition, the sought to be an advocate for legislation and public policies aimed at improving public safety.

In that same year, the Franklin County Fire Chiefs’ Association held its first annual  training weekend at he St. Thomas Fire Department and a neighboring school. During this weekend, well known leaders in fire service from other counties along with those from Franklin County instructed local community firefighters in the latest firefighting and life saving techniques. The weekend proved to be so successful that with the help of local fire companies. the FCFCA began expanding its training and education programs.

Today, the FCFCA through its Training Academy offers local firefighters 40-60 classes per year. Each year hundreds of community firefighters participate in these classes. In addition to local firefighters, the FCFCA strives to promote its mission to each and every citizen in Franklin and surrounding counties.